Celebrating 1 year of Verdis

Today the President released a statement on the celebration of the first full year of Verdis.
Today, the 30th May (AEST) marks the 1st anniversary of the existence of the Free Republic of Verdis. During this one year time frame, we have made an incredibly large amount of progress including crowdfunding, infrastructural plans, visits to our claim, publicity, recognition from hundreds of politicians, activists and much more. We have achieved a great deal of things during such a small time-frame and we are majorly improving every day. Since Verdis has started, we've received thousands of emails regarding citizenship and more. We have had a large amount of support from people around the world and continue to this day.
To everyone who has been here from the start and has joined along the way, thank you so much for your support. We wouldn't be where we are today if it wasn't for your help and support towards the movement. The crowdfunding and applications toward citizenship have been insane, the representative and contribution applications have been insane and much more. Thank you everyone. Without the funding, promotion and ideas we have received, we wouldn't be anywhere near where we are now, and we are so grateful for all the effort that has been put in.
Verdis has many plans for the future, and we can't wait to reveal them to you once complete along the way. We also have many plans for the continue of this year to come. Although COVID19 has halted many parts of the world, we are all continuouslyworking hard to achieve the goals of our nation thanks to your support. We want the world to thrive and function in an incredibly humanitarian and environmentally conscious way. We hope the world follows our plans and ideas once we've established and proven our ideas for our state. We have many ideas to bring our nation to life even faster than we expected to, and we hope to be a developed state very soon. But of course, these things take time, not a simple few months or years. Creating a nation is not easy and requires a lot of people, support, funding and knowledge. But with all this together, we can be certain we'll get there eventually. We want to be a safe, humanitarian and environmentally conscious nation and we are working everyday to make this happen.
We wish there was more to give during this 1 year anniversary but due to limits during COVID19, we can't. But we plan to make our second as best as we can. I understand there isn't much for this statement, but it's something, and all we can say is thank you, and there is much more to come, so stay tuned. We are continuously listening to our people and we are working to create the best system for a nation possible, to allow freedom and humanitarian rights.
But on behalf of me and the government of Verdis, we'd like to thank everyone so much for how far we've come, and we hope you continue to support us along the way. None of this would be possible without the voluntary work, motivation and support from you all. And for that, we thank you so much and we can't wait to have you continue on the journey with us.
Thank you.
Daniel Jackon
President of the Free Republic of Verdis
And on behalf of the people at the VBC, we'd like to say thank you aswell.
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