The logistics of Verdis working

A lot of people have been curious about the logistics of Verdis working, and we're here to explain about it.

We are aware that our plans are very ambitious, although we know that Verdis has an almost 99% guaranteed chance of working if it has the correct amount of funding, which is planned to be raised by crowdfunding, and investments, which are to be promoted towards once enough planning on Verdis has been complete in a few months time.

Overall, Verdis does have a good chance of working once enough funding, planning and promotion has been complete. These are the 3 elements that we solely rely on for the development and establishment of the Free Republic of Verdis. Although keep note, once Verdis establishes, we promise a good life for every residence. We want to represent ourselves as a role-model for future and present nations to follow in establishing a better version of humanity and turning the world in a better direction overall. 

We plan to achieve our goals as soon as we establish a settlement and receive the right amount of funding. As we are also the first entity to claim the the previously terra nullius land, it is legally ours meaning that if any disputation between Serbia and Croatia or another nation tries to take it, it will always rightfully belong to Verdis under international law. This is proven by a statement given with evidence by Vit Jedlicka, the President of the Free Republic of Liberland, a similar state nearby with some slightly different beliefs.

Keep note that Verdis is a serious project and we plan to be seen as a recognized and real country by the rest of the world, and we need your support.

Success or not, Verdis will never be a waste of time or money. If it succeeds, then nations have something to follow along with Verdis being a recognized nation itself. Recognition is one of our primary goals at the moment which we once again hope to achieve through our settlement and promotion. If Verdis fails, it will show that nations shouldn't follow down a such path until more technology has advanced in this world.

We really want everyone's support to help Verdis get off the ground, even if it means everyone working hard. For the benefit of Europe, and the rest of the world, please donate, contribute to ideas or promote by introducing news articles or through your own personal social medias, friends, or other. The more support, the more chance of success.


Verdis, building the future of humanity with your support.